W2S2 [braıt] adj comparative brighter superlative brightest
7 as bright as a button
8 look on the bright side
9 bright and early
10 bright spark
11 bright and breezy
12 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
13 the bright lights
14 bright spot
[: Old English; Origin: beorht]
1.) ¦(LIGHT)¦
shining strongly, or with plenty of light
Her eyes were hurting from the bright lights.
The buildings looked lovely in the bright sunshine.
a large bright room
2.) ¦(SUNNY)¦
if the weather is bright, the sun is shining and there is a lot of light
≠ ↑dull
The weather was bright and sunny.
a bright autumn day
intelligent and able to learn things quickly
He was an exceptionally bright child.
a bright ambitious young man
He is constantly coming up with bright ideas for making money.
4.) ¦(COLOURS)¦
bright colours are strong and easy to see
a bright red jumper
I never wear bright colours.
5.) ¦(CHEERFUL)¦
happy and full of energy
Her voice was bright and cheerful.
She gave him a bright smile.
He looked up at me with bright eyes.
if the future looks bright, you think that something will be successful
The school's future now looks very bright.
I'm sure the company has a bright future now.
7.) as bright as a button
very intelligent and full of energy
8.) look on the bright side
to see the good points in a situation that seems to be bad
Come on, try to look on the bright side.
9.) bright and early
very early in the morning
He was up bright and early, keen to get started.
10.) bright spark informal
someone who says or does something that they think is intelligent but is really wrong or stupid
Some bright spark thought the building was on fire and called the fire brigade.
11.) bright and breezy
happy and confident
12.) bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
happy and full of energy
13.) the bright lights
the interesting exciting life in a big city
She missed the bright lights of London.
14.) bright spot
an event or a period of time that is more pleasant when everything else is unpleasant
The only bright spot of the weekend was our trip to the theatre.
>brightly adv
The sun shone brightly.
brightly-coloured clothes
She smiled brightly.
>brightness n [U]

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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